interactive sculpture
variable dimensions

external LCD monitors, video switch (6 inputs), mini helenistic city, 6 CCTV cameras, “solar-like” LED stripes, cheap red wine, aquarium pump, plastic boxes

In 332BC Alexander the Great conquered the river Nile and became pharaoh. The great construction of Alexandria prefigured the cultural uniformisation that occurred all around the Mediterranean sea and transformed the cities, which are all built in the same way, creating a giant interconnected web of polis.

A CCTV display is connected by dozens of electric wires to plastic boxes from which the suttle sound of a fountain can be heard. Several simple push buttons allow one to enjoy and go between live views of a hidden ancient city.

Through this, one can see the delighfull scenes of a ptolemaic atrium, built within a hellenistic style. The climax is some sort of temple with a star covered ceiling (typical in traditional Egypt decorum), featuring four small red wine fountains.

An artificial solar light mimics the sun cycle and spreads its rays on the thin cardboard walls. To synsithise this cycle a Arduino© microship connected to a strip of fourty eight RGB (red-green-blue) LED lights is used. The LED lights turn on and of individualy on a precise time scale. The colour is automaticly selected by the algorythm in order to simulate the right time of day, according to its location on the strip and the time on the loop. The first LED of the strip selects a cooler colour, mimicking the rising sun, while a mid loop LED picks a warmer white to appear like a miday solar light.
Strong vapours of red wine come from underneath the grey boxes, which wraps the room in a rancid but sweet smell.

3 écrans LCD, switch vidéo, cité hellénistique miniature, 6 caméras de surveillance, éclairage LED “simili-soleil”, vin rouge, pompe d’aquarium et boites en plastique

En 332 avant notre ère, Alexandre le Grand conquiert les rives du Nil et devient Pharaon. Les grands travaux d’Alexandrie préfigurent l’uniformisation culturelle qui, tout autour des rives de la Méditerranée, transformera les cités, toutes conçues à l’image des autres, semblant alors former un grand réseau interconnecté de soeurs urbaines.
Un poste de vidéosurveillance (cctv) est connecté à des boites en plastique d’où s’échappe le bruit d’une fontaine. Une télécomande permet d’apprecier plusieurs flux vidéo en direct d’une cité antique.
Un éclairage solaire artificiel imite le cycle jour/nuit et s’étale sur les parois en carton.
De fortes vapeurs de vin rouge s’échappent des boites, baignant la pièce d’une douce odeur sucrée et rancie.

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