Max Blotas (b. 1993) is a multimedia artist based between London and Paris 

He is currently finishining his MFA at Slade school of Fine Arts in London and at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
+ Full stack web developer at the MAXTRIX

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"My work addresses the relationship of landscapes and communication technologies through self-sustaining digital and biological networks.  Max Blotas’ installations often take the form of hybrid ecosystems using electronic equipment mixed with organic life forms. He creates interconnected computer-controlled environments located inside industrial containers and surrounded by a technological landscape of digital devices and motorised sculptures. The miniature sets inside the boxes are continuously monitored using digital surveillance technologies and transmitted live onto remote displays. The image reveals shifts in human perspective and makes tangible parallels between digital content and the surrounding reality.  The subjects inside the network are constantly being distorted by an assemblage of causal links, retroactions, multiplicity of scales and loop effects generated by computer. These physical shifts allow the viewer to render the tangible infrastructure of the network, by exposing the multitude of realities and micro events that take place simultaneously within.